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Which is a good manufacturer of LED Aluminum Substrate Circuit Board?

Huaqiang Quick Circuit Board Co., Ltd. specializes in proofing LED Aluminum Substrate Circuit Board and PCB batch manufacturers. We all know that PCB batch production should be proofed before, then this link is very important. Where is the factory of LED Aluminum Substrate Circuit Board?Good home? How should we attach importance to it?
Which is a good manufacturer of LED Aluminum Substrate Circuit Board?
With the rapid development of printed circuit board industry, LED lighting PCB came into being. Some LEDs are welded on PCB to produce lighting electronics. PCB Aluminum Substrate (Metal Heat Dissipator includes Aluminum Substrate, Copper Substrate and Iron Substrate) is low alloyed.Al-Mg-Si high plastic alloy plate has good thermal conductivity, electrical insulation and mechanical processing properties. As we all know, compared with other electronic components, LED generates more heat, which requires PCB to have better dispersion.Heat capacity. For this special requirement, metal core PCB is often used in LED PCB, especially aluminum core PCB. This is because aluminium PCBs usually consist of thin layers of thermal conductive materials, which can transfer much more efficiently than traditional rigid PCBs.And heat dissipation.

Application of LED Printed Circuit Board

Household and commercial use: jewelry display cabinet lighting, display cabinet lighting, cabinet lighting, wardrobe lighting, decorative lighting, lighting art lighting, advertising light box lighting and decorative lighting of hotels, hotels, villas, etc., its basic structureIt is an electroluminescent semiconductor chip. It is solidified on the bracket with silver or white glue, then connected to the chip and circuit board with silver or gold wire, then sealed with epoxy resin around it to protect the inner core wire, and finally installed outside.Shell, so the anti-seismic performance of LED lamp is good. The application field involves the daily household appliances andmachineryproduction, such as mobile phones, desk lamps, household appliances.

Communication: Because of the surrounding machinery, LED indicator and display have excellent heat transfer performance and are often used in communication equipment. Therefore, aluminum-based LED PCBs are very useful in this application.

Automobile: Aluminum PCB LED is also used in automotive indicator lights, headlights and brake lights and other applications. Durability and competitive prices make these aluminum polychlorinated biphenyls ideal for the automotive industry.

Computer: LED display and display are becoming more and more popular in computer applications. The thermal sensitivity of computer machinery makes aluminum PCB LED an ideal solution. In addition to LED applications, computer departments such as power supplies and CPU boardsAluminum PCBs are usually used for parts because they have the ability to heat and transmit heat.

Medical: Lighting tools for surgical operations and medical examinations usually use high-power LED lights, which usually use aluminum PCB. This is mainly due to the durability and heat transfer capability of aluminium PCB LED, which ensures the correctness of medical equipment.It works regularly, regardless of how many patients ride through the medical office. Aluminum PCB is often used in medical scanning technology in addition to lighting tools.

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