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What should we pay attention to in mass production after PCB proofing?

There are thousands of PCB manufacturers in the Pearl River Delta of Guangdong Province. As far as PCB industry is concerned, how to choose a better PCB proofing factory and produce it in batches after the proofing is qualified is even more rare.In this process, most of the customers have already practiced a pair of golden eyes instinct, and some customers may not be in place, so how can we learn to judge whether the PCB proofing factory charges are reasonable?
The simplest and most direct way to judge is that some manufacturers have not fully understood the product requirements on the case of PCB proofing quotation, the results of the next look at the information project there can not do customer information is leaking copper. This is unreasonable.The practice is very unscientific. From this point of view alone, it is enough to confirm that the PCB manufacturer is irregular.

Then how does the regular PCB proofing factory quote price? Regular manufacturers usually have ERP online pricing system. Customers need to provide product samples or detailed information and the quantity and time of proofing products. Staff members will raise the price according to customers.Provide material for a precise price.

What problems should PCB factories pay attention to in batch production? In the process of mass production and processing of circuit boards, we should pay attention to the problems in processing and production, so as to ensure that the mass production of circuit boards improves the quality. First, special lineThe production of circuit boards should strive for excellence in the production of circuit boards for special materials and special processes, and more attention should be paid to the batch production of circuit boards. Some special circuit boards have large area, some have thick boards and some have small apertures.In the PCB batch, we should be more cautious and more demanding to pursue the direction of perfection. Secondly, all kinds of manufacturing processes should be strictly controlled and different PCB small batch production processes have different production processes, some circuit boards require tin spraying process, some customersCircuit board (pcb) is a process that needs thick copper and chemical precipitation of gold. Each process is different, and the production methods used are quite different. Electroless plating is generally used in copper plating process.But if the batch size of PCB factory is too thick, the way of chemical circuit board is not very suitable, the coating of circuit will not be very uniform, which will affect the reliability of circuit board, then we need to choose other more scientific ways at this time.So it is very important to choose different processing methods according to different circuit boards and choose more scientific and effective ways. In the production of batch proofing circuit boards in circuit board factories, attention must be paid to every link, because any link.Problems will lead to problems in this batch of circuit boards. If the problem is particularly serious, it may even lead to large-scale scrap of circuit boards in this batch. It's a bit overwhelming, because it's not just money, it's loss.More likely, it will be precious time. Maybe PCB factories will also lose a high quality customer.

Customers can also carry out "three price ratios" according to past experience, and synthesize the charging standards of each PCB proofing manufacturer so as to finally select a reasonable price and high quality PCB proofing manufacturer.