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Professional PCB proofing circuit board and quotation reference

Huaqiang fast circuit board co., ltd. is a professional PCB proofing board manufacturer, which refers to the trial production of printed circuit board before mass production. It mainly applies to the process of electronic engineers conducting small batch trial production to the factory after the circuit design is completed and the PCB Layout is completed. In general, engineers call the PCB proofing before the product design has been confirmed and tested. Generally speaking, proofing means making samples. PCB proofing is to make a physical object of the designed PCB schematic diagram, which is a product test before mass production. A PCB project involves a lot of things. If a product goes wrong in one link, it will easily affect the progress of product development. The PCB board is also the same. Generally, the PCB designed for a project will go to the sample factory for sample making.

Test several boards. If the test passes, mass production can be carried out. The price will be much lower than the sample.

The company is dedicated to the production and manufacture of high precision single, double side and multi-layer circuit boards, and is a high-tech enterprise and research institute at home and abroad

Electronic product enterprise provides high quality product service.

We focus on customer value, focus on goals, work pragmatically, and keep innovating to build PCB with high quality, efficient and efficient delivery speed and perfect five-star after-sales service

The industry's most trusted brand suppliers.

Common process double panel

RMB 5X5cm parcel post (except in remote areas)

RMB 10X10cm parcel post (except in remote areas)

Parcel post within 15X15cm 10PCS (except in remote areas)

Parcel post within 20X20cm of 5PCS (except in remote areas)

Order need to know

When placing order, it is best to write your process requirements in the document. If not specified, we will follow the default process: FR-4, green oil white word, lead spray tin, through hole

Cover oil, 1.6 plate thickness of the process to do.  

Our company reviews the documents according to our board technology, the rules can be passed, then it will be done directly, can not help you deal with any data design problems, please be sure to review the funds

The material is under order. Due to the irreversibility of PCB production, orders for the same day will be arranged after 8pm, and the materials will not be modified after the arrangement of production.

As required by production management, the customer number or internal number will be added to all circuit boards. If not, please place your order. If not, acknowledge!

Please inform us to make the board after payment. Because there's a good chance you paid. We did not arrange the board. Also, send an email to

The client of mailbox also please note: please must write your want want name, mail is too much, we are very difficult to distinguish your mail!


Charges that

The company clearly price, understand consumption.

1 proofing price


Single/double panel 5*5cm $50 /type (10pcs)

10*10cm $100 /each type (10pcs) green oil white word plate thickness 1.6mm lead sprayed tin

All samples in 50pcs (less than 1 square) are free to fly needle test

2. Batch price

Single panel


More than 3 square meters, $370  per square meter (single side need not be tested)

Double panel


$450/m2 (excluding test fee)

More than 10 square meters, $420  per square meter (excluding test fee)

The test fee is $70  * square number +$50 , which is $100 per square meter

If the payment for the test rack reaches 5W, the test rack fee can be returned

In addition to the engineering fee, board fee and film fee, some special processes may have other expenses as follows

Additional charges are stated

1. Imposition fee: imposition means that different boards (if the same board is another one) are placed in a file. In that case, the imposition fee will be $50  for one model

Stamp holes, long slots, or direct milling open, are subject to imposition charges.

2 test fee: decide according to your actual situation (free test of sample during discount period);

3 taxes and fees: ordinary invoice taxes and fees are charged by 6 points of the invoice amount. Add a ticket is according to the bill amount of 12 points collection. The amount must be more than $3,000 

4 inking fee: if you choose inking board, you will pay an extra $100

5 urgent fee: single/double panel 24 hours urgent fee is $100  each, 48 hours urgent fee is $50  each.

6 half-hole plate: add $100 , that is, the hole on the side of the plate needs to make the effect of copper inside the hole.

7 board thickness engineering fee: it is the board thickness other than 0.6-1.6. It needs to increase the board thickness engineering fee by $100 

Commitment to quality


All the boards used in sample making and mass production of shenzhensen yan PCB factory/PCB are international grade A materials, the quality is absolutely guaranteed, and if there are spare parts, also

Will test OK and give away for free! In case of return or exchange due to quality problems, the company shall bear the freight to and fro!

About the delivery date


The delivery period is normally 3-4 days, that is, order before 19 o 'clock on the same day. The delivery period starts from the next day. The goods are delivered on the fourth day normally, and the goods are delivered three days faster and five days slower, unless there are special circumstances

We will explain the reason please forgive us! Orders placed before 19 o 'clock on Monday have the same effect and the delivery date is the same.

The urgent that


Double deck board 24 hours (1 day) urgent, order before 19:30 that day, send express the next night, add charge $200 

Double deck board 48 hours (2 days) urgent, order before 19:30 on the same day, send express on the third night, add fee $100 

Urgent: we can only guarantee the delivery time, not the delivery time. Customers often ask us to return urgent because they did not receive the goods the next day

We hereby declare that all emergency operations outside the province will be carried by the wind speed. We can only guarantee the delivery time (according to the earliest available time before the wind), and we do not guarantee that the next day will be the same

You can go to. In addition, due to emergencies (such as power failure, government exercises, etc.), the delivery time of several hours may be affected. Please understand that we can unconditionally follow the delay

Refund time! If the urgent charge has not been issued for 24 hours, it will be calculated according to the urgent charge for 48 hours, and the urgent charge will be returned to $100 , please understand!

PCB files are strictly confidential!

Please check the documents carefully before you place your order.


Due to the irreversibility of PCB production, please inform our company to solve any quality problems as soon as possible, and the seller shall not bear more than the value of this product at any time

Any other loss!

No matter in production or use, any problem, hope both sides to solve the problem in good faith attitude, no matter encounter any problem, solve it is most important! we

We only promise the delivery time of board, express delivery time we do not guarantee, also hope to get your understanding!

About the delivery


Express service quality and delivery speed is not something we can control. Default shentong (preferred) or yto yunda express! Please be careful if you can't accept it

Or send sf to pay, contact customer service staff!

About the evaluation of


We will take any order of any customer seriously, but no factory can guarantee 100% no problem. If you encounter any problem, please contact me at the first time

We contact the first solution. We will maintain a sincere attitude to deal with it, so please do not make poor comments without informing us, thank you! At the same time in the shop

When grading, please do not think that we are too slow because of the choice of ordinary logistics.

Process capability


Number of layers (maximum) 1-30

Panel type FR-4

Maximum size: 500mm X1100mm

Dimensional accuracy: + / - 0.2mm

Thickness range 0.40mm--2.4mm

Plate thickness tolerance (t = 0.8mm) + / - 10%

Plate thickness tolerance (t < 0.8mm) + / - 10%

Medium thickness 0.075mm--5.00mm

Minimum line width of 6mil

Minimum spacing 6mil

The outer copper layer is 35um thick

Inner copper thickness is 17um--100um

Bore hole diameter (mechanical drill) 0.3mm- 6.35mm

Hole size (mechanical drill) 0.3mm--6.30mm

Bore tolerance (mechanical drill) 0.08mm

Aperture tolerance (mechanical drill) 0.09mm

Plate thickness aperture ratio 8:1

Solder type ink

The minimum resistance welding bridge width is 0.1mm

Minimum resistance welding isolation ring 0.1mm

The jack diameter is 0.25mm--0.60mm

Surface treatment type hot air leveling, chemical nickel gold, chemical tin

(1) line width :6mil(0.153mil)

(2) distance from line to shape: 20mil(0.508mm)

(3)via via minimum diameter :0.3mm(12mil) minimum diameter: 0.6mm(24mil)

(4) some allowance should be left for the part hole, for example, the pin of the part is 0.8mm directly. Therefore, we suggest to design it into 1.0mm in case that the processing tolerance makes it difficult to insert the outer ring of the part hole

We need to increase it a little bit

(5) the character word width cannot be less than 6mil, and the word height cannot be less than 32mil

(6) Solder mask is the standard of Solder mask

(7) default process: green oil in white, with lead-sprayed tin, through hole cover oil, via hole metallization, board thickness of 1.6mm(if the customer does not provide the process specification, we will add as the default process


Huaqiang fast provides professional PCB proofing circuit board is the product qualified excellent manufacturer.